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Hash Rebel Website

This brand and portfolio needs to stand out from the sea of other blockchain developers and brands. Brian and I worked together to first create the logo, branding and collateral. Then we did the visuals of the site in Sketch before Brian made it come to life in front end code. More pages and awesome content coming soon. We are passionate about contributing to open source, applying blockchain to improve real life problems and creating brands that make a difference in this world!

Hash Rebel Brand

When we were brainstorming what the brand could look like, we were thinking of the classic symbols of revolution combined with metal album art finished off with clean and modern lines. The fist was a really important symbol and we also decided to use the target as a secondary symbol for accent designs. It spells out Hash Rebel in code from the inside of the circles to the outside. It's the hidden details that make this brand really shine!

The Final Result

When it all came together, this unconventional brand is exactly what it's meant to be, provocative, disruptive and decentralized.

Hash Rebel

Hash Rebel's mission is to decentralize the world through innovative tech solutions and apps. Brian's vision came to life with a full site design and branding package, complete with stickers and t-shirts.

Hash Rebel
Release Date:
March 2018
Website & Branding

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